I've grown up with Art in my life

I like mixed media and what it can do for me, sometimes the media becomes the focus rather than the subject

Drawing reveals the world in detail

Painting reveals colour

I love layers 

Just as the world doesn't show itself fully in a single glance, a work of art should hold back something for later

Challenge and evolution keeps the journey fresh and alive, avoids complacency. 

I want to explore the visual world in a vibrant and energetic way and am drawn to works of art made with passion, conviction and strong mark making.

Intuition Has it's place, sometimes it's the only thing you are left with when all else is confusion

Art for me is a physical response to a visual world, the powerful image powerfully evoked is the kind of work I aspire to, Much of which has been created in series as I endeavour to find the language which will result (I hope!) in something multi faceted both in media and meaning. 



I trained at Winchester school of art, Nottingham and Trent university, fine art and degree modules in printmaking and life drawing at BCOT in Basingstoke and am have just finished a B.A hons in Painting with the OCA 



07740075733 |  sandy.kendall@sky.com
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